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Commercial Solar Panels

What is Solar PV?

Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels, turn sunlight into electricity without producing carbon emissions. This can be used to power your business, heat your water, or be stored in a battery for later use. Through the Microgeneration for Business installations up to 50kWp can also receive 21c/kWh credit for any excess electricity you export. 100% capital allowance available on solar PV installations.


Benefits of Solar Power

  • Save up to 50% on your business’s electricity.

  • Reduced carbon footprint.

  • Help your business achieve net zero target.

SEAI grants available

There are SEAI grants up to €162,000 available to you right now. Please read Non-Domestic Microgen Scheme and Business Grants and Supports to receive government grant aid towards the installation of solar PV for your business.

On average it now takes less than 5 years for your investment in a PV panel system to pay for itself.


Solar PV Battery Storage

Add a Solar Battery System to increase savings from Solar PV and to store generated energy for later use. Batteries can be programmed to charge at a cheaper night rate if you are on a Night Saver or Day/Night/Peak tariff.

EV Chargers

Did you know you can charge your EV with Solar PV? EV chargers allows you to divert energy from your solar PV system directly to your electric car. This is essentially free travel.

Solar PV Potential Savings

*This varies from business to business depending on the load and size of premises.

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