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Product Description:


Small boiler, great achievement.



The ETA PelletsCompact takes up little space and is the ideal pellet boiler for renovations or new construction of larger residential buildings and businesses.

It is only 130 cm high, a good meter long and less than 90 cm deep (80 cm for PC 20 to 32 kW) - but it heats larger residential buildings or smaller businesses. There is space in the boiler room for the washing machine, the files from the last 40 years or practice sessions on the electric guitar.

Can be set up anywhere


The ETA PelletsCompact (only for 20-32 kW) can be operated independently of the ambient air, i.e. it takes the oxygen required for combustion from outside. This means that the boiler can also be located in heated buildings or in rooms with comfort ventilation. The ETA PelletsCompact also looks so good that it can even be placed in a public place!


The path to warmth.



From the storage tank through the combustion chamber to the pump:
the interaction of high-quality components is required!

  • Suction turbine
  • Storage container
  • Rotary valve as backfire protection device
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Lambda sensor
  • Automatic ash removal into the ash box
  • Safety fittings
  • Induced draught fan
  • Hydraulic switch (only up to 50 kW)
  • mixer
  • pump
  • Cleaning drive
  • Air connection for room air-independent operation (only for 20-32 kW)


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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ETA Pellets Compact 20 to 105 kW

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