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Product Description:


Direct Expansion Geothermal Heat Pump Natural Technology: The Most Natural Heat Pump In The World.


Geothermal energy is a gift from nature that is available in every garden. You just have to win them over as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. This is exactly what you can achieve with the Heliotherm Natural Technology geothermal heat pump with direct evaporation. Thanks to its highly effective heat pump technology, it is considered the most efficient and natural heat pump of all. Expect an unbeatable overall annual efficiency / SCOP of 6.7. This means that with the use of 1 kW of electricity you gain 6.7 kW of heat output. But these are by no means all the advantages offered by this latest-generation geothermal heat pump with direct evaporation. The motto is: count on more!


Emission-free heat pump with the most efficient technology:


Unlike other heat pumps, the most natural heat pump in the world does not work with synthetic refrigerants that contain fluorinated greenhouse gases. Instead, propane is used, which makes the geothermal heat pump even more efficient but also more climate-friendly. In addition, it is harmless under water law and is therefore also a first-class option in water protection areas. You will also appreciate the fact that the geothermal heat pump is installed outdoors and does not detract from your living area.


The Natural Technology direct expansion geothermal heat pump is installed outdoors.


Here is an overview of the most important benefits:


  • World's most efficient heat pump technology
  • Overall annual efficiency SCOP = 6.7
  • 100% harmless to soil and groundwater
  • Outdoor installation
  • Propane refrigerant, climate and environmentally friendly
  • Flow temperatures up to 70 °C possible
  • Can be combined with conventional radiators
  • Integrated heat meter
  • Heating capacities: 3 to 10 kW, 5 to 15 kW


Fully modulating and ready for your PV system


As a modulating geothermal heat pump with direct evaporation, the Natural Technology adapts automatically and steplessly to short-term fluctuations in temperature and demand. This reduces your energy consumption in the same way as with your PV preparation. In other words, you can easily connect your new geothermal heat pump with direct evaporation to a photovoltaic system and save even more on heating costs. Conclusion: It couldn't be more environmentally friendly and efficient!


Heliotherm heat pumps are built to order. Please allow 4/6 weeks for delivery of machine.


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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Heliotherm DX Outdoor Heatpump

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