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ETA PE-K up to 220kW

ETA PE-K up to 220kW

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ETA specialises in the manufacture of biomass heating, that is, pellet, log and wood chip boilers. The most modern technologies are combined with naturally growing resources to give a highly efficient product. ETA boilers stand for more heat with less fuel consumption, environmental soundness and sustainability. Compared with oil, wood pellets, logs or chips are cheaper, carbon neutral and have a long-term security of supply. Since 1998 ETA has been designing and building a new generation of wood-fired boilers. They are full of patented technologies and the most-modern control technology – and yet are still easy to use. Comfort and efficiency make ETA products so popular around the world.

The ETA PE-K is ideal for the heating requirements of apartment buildings and industrial buildings. The unit is suitable for both new builds and renovations. Larger heating requirements can be catered for by the ETA PE-K. Two or more boilers can be set up in parallel. ETA has perfected design of this nature making it easy to put them into existing properties and effort as regards piping, pumps and assembly is streamlined and efficient. The ETA PE-K boiler boasts an efficient control system into which a solar heating system or small local heating network can be integrated. The control system has active monitoring of all functions and remote maintenance via GSM and the internet.

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