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ETA PelletsCompact up to 50kW

ETA PelletsCompact up to 50kW

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ETA specialises in the manufacture of biomass heating, that is, pellet, log and wood chip boilers. The most modern technologies are combined with naturally growing resources to give a highly efficient product. ETA boilers stand for more heat with less fuel consumption, environmental soundness and sustainability. Compared with oil, wood pellets, logs or chips are cheaper, carbon neutral and have a long-term security of supply. Since 1998 ETA has been designing and building a new generation of wood-fired boilers. They are full of patented technologies and the most-modern control technology – and yet are still easy to use. Comfort and efficiency make-ETA products so popular around the world.

The ETA PelletsCompact needs little space and is the ideal pellet boiler for renovations or new builds of larger residential buildings and office spaces. Its dimensions are approx 130cm high, 100cm long up to 90cm deep but it heats large residential buildings or small company buildings. The ETA PelletsCompact (only for 20 - 32 kW) can be operated with external air, i.e. the combustion process is supplied with oxygen from the outside. This means that the boiler can also be situated indoors in ventilated rooms

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