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ETA SH-P 20 to 60 kW with TWIN 20 to 50 kW

ETA SH-P 20 to 60 kW with TWIN 20 to 50 kW

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ETA specialises in the manufacture of biomass heating, that is, pellet, log and wood chip boilers. The most modern technologies are combined with naturally growing resources to give a highly efficient product. ETA boilers stand for more heat with less fuel consumption, environmental soundness and sustainability. Compared with oil, wood pellets, logs or chips are cheaper, carbon neutral and have a long-term security of supply. Since 1998 ETA has been designing and building a new generation of wood-fired boilers. They are full of patented technologies and the most-modern control technology – and yet are still easy to use. Comfort and efficiency make ETA products so popular around the world.

The ETA Twin has both a log and a pellet boiler. Heating with logs is unbeatably affordable, it strengthens the domestic economy and it is crisis-proof as wood is plentyful in Europe. Heating with pellets is conveniently fully automatic. With the ETA Twin you can switch between both systems. The changeover from one combustion chamber to another is fully automatic. Both boilers of the ETA TWIN work together perfectly. It lets you know if the fuel runs out in the log boiler. If no fuel is added over a freely selectable time period, the pellet boiler automatically starts working – until you add fuel again to the log boiler. So your home stays warm even if you are not there for some time.

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