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ETA wood chip boiler HACK VR up to 500 kW

ETA wood chip boiler HACK VR up to 500 kW

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ETA specialises in the manufacture of biomass heating, that is, pellet, log and wood chip boilers. The most modern technologies are combined with naturally growing resources to give a highly efficient product. ETA boilers stand for more heat with less fuel consumption, environmental soundness and sustainability. Compared with oil, wood pellets, logs or chips are cheaper, carbon neutral and have a long-term security of supply. Since 1998 ETA has been designing and building a new generation of wood-fired boilers. They are full of patented technologies and the most-modern control technology – and yet are still easy to use. Comfort and efficiency make ETA products so popular around the world.

Thanks to permanently regulated flue gas recirculation: to achieve optimum results in terms of emissions and efficiency during combustion, you need a steady, ideal temperature in the combustion chamber and therefore permanent control of the flue gas recirculation. As in the draught fan, a highly efficient fan is used here too to keep the combustion temperature in the de-gassing zones above 800 °C, but under 1,000 °C at all times. In this temperature window, all components of the fuel are completely split for one. And on the other hand the thermal load on the components is kept as low as possible, which enormously increases the lifetime of the boiler. 

The interior of this moving grate boiler has all that is needed for safe, clean and flexible heating. Flue gas recirculation is permanently monitored. It reinforces the flow of gas. The grate is cooled better and the temperatures in the boiler remain stable in one area, which on the one hand ensures complete combustion of the corresponding fuel and on the other counteracts slag formation. Underpressure monitoring ensures safety, while the lambda control ensures the highest efficiency with the lowest emissions. Maximum convenience is ensured with an absolutely reliable system for the fuel feed and the multi-cyclone dust separator.

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