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Hot Water Tank for Heat Pump (Hygienic Type)

Hot Water Tank for Heat Pump (Hygienic Type)

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Hot Water Tank for Heat Pump (Hygienic Type)

A Hygienic tank is in simple terms a buffer tank with a heat exchanger to transfer heat to fresh water as it is needed, this tank design provides many advantages. When used with a heat pump; there is no coil between the heat pump and the tank which allows the tank to be heated without stop/start cycling of the heat pump, and because the water in the tank does not mix with the fresh water going to the taps etc. no electric immersion is required to deal with Legionella bacteria, a lower flow temperature from the heat pump can be selected, increasing hot water production efficiency. When used with a boiler; the tank is used as a buffer, with the added feature of providing domestic hot water without requiring a second tank.


  • A+ Energy efficiency class
  • Well insulated
  • 400L Dimensions - 1725mm high - 710mm dia.
  • 500L Dimensions - 1770mm high - 760mm dia.
  • 800L Dimensions - 1900mm high - 1015mm dia.‚Äč
  • Versions with additional coils, and additional sizes available on request

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