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Product Description:


for ETA PU 7-15 and PC 20-105 


The condensing heat exchanger extracts energy from the exhaust gases produced during combustion and feeds it into the heating system. This process enables fuel savings of up to 10% when operated accordingly!


Before the warm exhaust gas escapes through the chimney, the condensing system cools it down and extracts heat energy from it. The cooled return water flows through the system's heat exchanger to the exhaust gas duct. The water vapor condenses. This creates condensation energy. This heat is fed into the heating water system for heating and domestic water. 


How the ETA condensing heat exchanger works


Compared to other condensing systems, the ETA condensing heat exchanger sets new standards

in terms of system safety. This includes the integrated volume flow sensor and the active control of the water quantity.


Framework conditions for the use of a condensing heat exchanger:
• Ensure suitability and approval of chimney products
• Water and sewer connection (for condensate drainage)

• Low return temperatures (< 35°C)


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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Condensing Heat Exchanger ETA BW

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