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Product Description:


Flexible heating with logs and pellets.


ETA e TWIN: It stays warm even without refilling

Do you appreciate the advantages of a log boiler, but also want it to stay warm if you don't have time to add more fuel for a while? Then the ETA e SH-TWIN combination device, consisting of an ETA e SH log boiler with an additional pellet burner, is ideal.
This ignites automatically in both log and pellet mode - if no log is inserted, pellets are fed in fully automatically.


Comfortable and flexible


No log boiler runs fully automatically, but the e SH comes close: you normally only need to add logs once a day - and you don't even need to light them. The boiler lights it automatically when heat is needed. The e TWIN does the same thing and is even more convenient: if there is no log on and heat is requested, the pellet boiler starts fully automatically. The free choice between logs and pellets also means you can react flexibly to future price developments.


The many advantages of wood


Heating with wood is not only better for the climate than oil and gas, but also for your wallet - and not just now, but for many years, as the graphic below confirms. It is also crisis-proof, because wood is available in abundance in Europe. Soot emissions are repeatedly criticized, but these are
massively reduced with the eSH log boiler and the eTWIN: The "e" stands for efficiency and the possibility of installing an electrostatic particle separator, which uses electrical voltage to remove dust particles from the exhaust gas.


The path to warmth.


Two combustion chambers, one heat exchanger, one boiler: The ETA TWIN combines a high-class pellet burner with a top log boiler. In order for both parts to work highly efficiently, all components must work together perfectly. 

  • Powerful suction turbine
  • Storage container
  • Rotary valve as backfire protection device
  • Water-fired pellet combustion chamber
  • Rotating grate with cleaning comb
  • Transition flange
  • EC induced draft fan
  • Ash removal, cleaning and maintenance from the front
  • Insulated door
  • Large filling door
  • Carbonization gas extraction
  • 100 litre filling space
  • Heat-resistant combustion chamber
  • Touch screen


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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ETA combi boiler e SH 16 to 20 kW with e TWIN 16 kW

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