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Product Description:


Fully automatic, space-saving, extremely inexpensive to operate and extra environmentally friendly: the eHack from ETA already meets the demands and requirements of tomorrow. 


Multi-family houses, companies, farms and local heating networks: Larger buildings can be heated very efficiently with wood chips. The ETA e HACK is the ideal boiler for this. It is available with a heating output of 20 to 240 kW and can be fired with wood chips or pellets.


A perfect system
Sophisticated systems are at work in the ETA e HACK: The lambda probe in conjunction with the ETA combustion control ensures maximum efficiency, even with very different fuel qualities. This team ensures that the respective fuel is always supplied with the ideal amount of oxygen. The single-chamber rotary valve developed and patented by ETA guarantees safe operation. It reliably prevents the fire from the combustion chamber from spreading into the fuel storage area. It simply cuts off pieces of wood that are too long. 
Clean, economical, efficient
The ETA system is extremely economical when transporting the wood chips to the boiler, because the spur gear used for this requires significantly less electricity than a conventional conveyor screw. It is also important for ideal fuel utilization and thus low heating costs that the inside of the boiler, i.e. the combustion chamber and the heat exchanger, are regularly cleared of dust and ash. The ETA ash removal system works fully automatically - and can do much more than all previous systems on the market: it also removes the dust from the exhaust gases.
Cleaned with tension
Especially with wood chips, the amount of dust in the exhaust gases can vary greatly depending on how dry the wood was and how much bark was processed. In order to comply with the increasingly strict emission limits, a particle separator is becoming increasingly important. In principle, it works by putting the dust particles floating around in the exhaust gases under voltage and ionizing them so that they stick to the inner wall of the separator instead of escaping via the chimney. Previously, this required a separate device with its own ash removal system. This is rather cumbersome - partly because it also means that two ash containers have to be emptied.   


Space-saving: ETA eP integrated particle separator

For the first time, the particle separator can be integrated into the ETA eHack. This is possible thanks to the completely new ETA ash removal system, in which the entire boiler, i.e. the combustion chamber, the heat exchanger and the particle separator, are cleaned fully automatically with just one drive. Even large foreign objects in the ash such as nails or stones are no problem for the robust segmented rotating grate and the powerful conveyor screw. The extra-large ash box rarely needs to be emptied. And that is also very easy - even if the floor is uneven. A special guide plate for sack trucks on the box ensures this.


Heating control via touchscreen, mobile phone and PC

There is a 7-inch touchscreen on the boiler itself, which can be used to intuitively control all components of the heating system, such as buffer storage or solar panels. And the heating system can be controlled free of charge via the Internet using the platform The only requirement for this is a LAN socket with an Internet connection in the boiler room.


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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ETA e HACK wood chip boiler 20 to 240 kW

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