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Product Description:


The powerful Pellet boiler for Companies and Residential construction.


Ideal for new construction and renovation


The heat requirement in large apartment buildings and commercial buildings is often very high, and so are the running costs for heating and hot water - at least if you continue to rely on fossil fuels. The switch pays off - especially when it is as easy as with ETA. When developing the ETA e PE-K pellet boiler, the quality company from Upper Austria had not only new buildings in mind, but also renovations. This means that no major conversions are normally necessary to replace the boiler and existing conditions can be used as best as possible. For example, a pellet store can be placed up to 20 meters away - for example where the oil tank used to be.


Quality in series


Even large heat requirements are no problem for the ETA e PE-K. Two, three or even more boilers can be installed in parallel. This modular or cascade design has been perfected by ETA so that it is not only particularly easy to install in existing buildings, but also reduces the effort required for piping, buffer volume, pumps and assembly to a minimum.


Everything under control everywhere


The heart of the efficient heating system is the control system, into which a solar system or a small local heating network can also be integrated. With active monitoring of all functions and remote maintenance via GSM and the Internet, the boiler is ideally suited for contracting use. Operationally reliable through active control. The comprehensive measurement and feedback of various boiler data such as induced draft speed, power consumption of the screw motors, air flap position, residual oxygen in the exhaust gas, return flow increase, exhaust gas temperature or heating water temperatures ensure safe operation.


The path to warmth.



From the storage container through the combustion chamber into the heat distribution system: the interaction of high-quality components is required!

  • Suction turbine
  • Storage container
  • Rotary valve as backfire protection device
  • Clean combustion chamber
  • Primary and secondary air flap
  • Fully automatic ash removal into an external ash box
  • Induced draught fan
  • Touch controller with microprocessors
  • Integrated return flow increase
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • External ash box


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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ETA e PE-K 100 to 240 kW

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