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Product Description:


In principle, everyone, because a buffer storage tank improves every heating system, increases efficiency and reduces operating costs.


Buffer for irregular requirements: Fire generates a certain minimum amount of energy. The combustion process cannot be reduced infinitely. If very small amounts of energy are needed, this requirement can only be met with a buffer storage. If, for example, the heating requirement is lower than the energy generated by a boiler, the buffer stores the excess heat and then releases it gradually. The boiler starts less often, no energy is wasted. Conversely, if large amounts of energy are needed very suddenly, for example if a lot of hot water is needed at once, the boiler cannot react as quickly. But the buffer storage can.


The little savings master.


With the ECO model, ETA has developed a buffer tank that is very affordable and ideal for anyone looking for a small system just for load balancing. It comes ready-made with insulation and an optimized number of connections. The compact tank fits through any door and is quickly set up. Ideally, it is supplemented with the ETA fresh water module, which saves space and always ensures hygienic hot water.


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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ETA ECO Storage

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