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Product Description:


The fresh water module ensures hygienic processed Drinking water.


The hydraulic modules: the right system for each case


No two heating systems are the same. Previously, various requirements such as the integration of solar systems, the combination of several buffers or the separation of heating circuits had to be planned in great detail. There were no ready-made solutions for the implementation, including control. Commissioning and especially the cabling was often very complex. ETA has therefore developed modules for various requirements that can be freely combined with one another and always work as a perfect system.


Easy to install and saves space.

The ETA fresh water module takes up very little space and can be mounted either directly on the buffer or on the wall. The assembly effort is minimal because all components are already fully assembled and wired. All that remains is to wire the power connection and the bus line to the ETA touch control and clamp the buffer sensors onto the module's circuit board. The piping effort is also minimal. An optional connection pipe set only needs to be cut to the right length and pressed in. If you don't have an ETA control but are still enthusiastic about our fresh water module, that's no problem either. It also works without a touchscreen. Simply set the desired temperature on a rotary knob and use the circulation via the ETA Autoloop function.

Economical at work.

The high-efficiency pump is only activated when you actually need hot water. The speed is kept as low as possible depending on the desired temperature. To protect the heat exchanger from calcification at buffer temperatures above 60°C, ETA has specially developed a controlled return flow mixing system using a separate pump. Because no hot water is produced in reserve, there is hardly any heat loss with the ETA fresh water module.


ETA Circulation Set.


The further away the water extraction points are from the hot water generator, the more important a good circulation set is. While conventional systems send a little warm water through the pipes from time to time, the ETA circulation set is only activated when there is a need. This saves energy.
This is how the circulation is activated:

  • Thanks to the innovative Autoloop system  

  • By briefly opening the tap, the circulation pump starts immediately so that the pipe is flushed. Even with a long pipe, warm water flows out of the tap after a short time (only possible with touch panel).
By manual time entry: For example, if you shower at the same time every day, you can program a circulation for a few minutes beforehand (only possible with touch panel).


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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ETA Fresh Water Module

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