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Product Description:


Just as, as I want.


Heating with wood is extremely cheap - even if you don't have a forest yourself. It doesn't harm the climate, strengthens the local economy and is crisis-proof because wood is available in abundance in Europe.

A modern log boiler is highly efficient. You usually only need to add fuel once a day, maybe twice on very cold days. But a log boiler never runs fully automatically.


Cheap and convenient.


ETA has the ideal solution for anyone who wants to use the extremely inexpensive fuel wood and still enjoy fully automatic comfort whenever they want. The ETA TWIN consists of two fully functional boilers that complement each other perfectly. The ETA SH log boiler can be ordered with a flange to which a fully automatic pellet boiler can be easily connected - even years later without having to modify the heating system or the chimney connection.


Intelligent system.


The two boilers of the ETA TWIN work perfectly together. If the log boiler runs out of fuel, it reports this. If no more fuel is added for a freely selectable period of time, the pellet boiler automatically takes over - until you add more fuel to the log boiler. This way, your home stays warm even if you are away for a longer period.


Refueling without matches.


The log boiler works with half-meter logs that are placed in a large filling chamber. This means that it normally only needs to be refilled once a day - or twice at most on cold winter days. The added wood burns itself with the remaining embers from the last fire. If there are no embers left, a little paper and a match are enough. When the door is closed, the boiler's fire phase starts automatically.   


Technology for maximum efficiency.


Different types of wood have different burning properties. A lambda probe detects the quality of the fuel and the air supply is automatically adjusted to the quality of the wood. The ETA log boiler therefore always achieves the highest possible efficiency even from mixed wood or wood briquettes.


A little ash remains.


Particularly high temperatures are required to ensure that every last combustible residue is converted into heat energy. In the patented glow zone under the grate, even the most stubborn wood tar burns off at 900 to 1,100°C. Thanks to this thorough burnout, the ETA SH only needs to be cleared of ash every one to two weeks.


The path to warmth.


Put in the wood, light the fire... With the right technology, it's no problem if you want to achieve the highest levels of efficiency with the lowest emissions. In the ETA log boiler, many components work together perfectly to achieve an optimal result and make heating as comfortable as possible for you. 

Insulated door with integrated touchscreen
  • Large filling door
  • Carbonization gas extraction
Large filling space
  • Heating door
    5a. Automatic ignition
  • Patented glow zone combustion chamber
  • Optional pellet flange for ETA SH-P 20/30
Induced draught fan
  • Cleaning lever
  • Primary and secondary air flap
  • Lambda sensor
  • Ash removal, cleaning and maintenance from the front
  • Touch screen


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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ETA log boiler 20 to 60 kW

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