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Product Description:


The flexible little one with a big heating effect.


With a footprint of less than half a square metre, the ETA ePE pellet boiler offers excellent energy efficiency, maximum safety and the best possible ease of use. Even a precipitator, which filters out fine dust, can be integrated into the compact, visually appealing device.


And the ePE pellet boiler from the Upper Austrian high-quality manufacturer ETA doesn't just heat newly constructed single-family houses and apartment buildings in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way: the space-saving technological miracle is also ideal as a replacement for an old boiler. Thanks to the flexible connection options, the ePE pellet boiler can be easily integrated into existing heating systems. Since it can be operated independently of the room air by drawing oxygen from outside instead of from the room itself, you can set it up anywhere - even in very well insulated living rooms, for example.


Efficient and safe

Like all high-quality products from ETA, the ePE pellet boiler is highly efficient. The combustion chamber and heat exchanger are cleaned automatically on a regular basis to ensure that no residue impairs the heating result. Furthermore, a draught fan and a lambda probe ensure that the combustion chamber is always supplied with the optimum amount of oxygen for ideal combustion. The burn-back protection with rotary valve guarantees that the fire stays safely in the combustion chamber.


More convenience, less work

The combustion chamber of the ePE pellet boiler is automatically de-ashed. The ash is compressed and collected in an easily accessible container that can be emptied with very little effort.


From pellet hopper to combustion chamber to pump:

the interplay of high-quality components is needed!

  • Vacuum motor
  • Pellet bin
  • Rotary valve as a burn-back ­protection ­device
  • Automatic de-ashing in the ash box
  • Lambda probe
  • Safety devices
  • Precipitator
  • Mixer
  • Pump
  • Combustion chamber
  • Heating circuit


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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ETA PE 7 to 32 KW

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