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Product Description:


Just as I want.


Heating with logs is unbeatably cheap. It does not harm the climate, strengthens the domestic economy and is crisis-proof, because wood is available in abundance in Europe. Heating with pellets is convenient and fully automatic. With the ETA Twin you can switch back and forth between the two systems. The change from one combustion chamber to the other is fully automatic.

A modern log boiler is highly effective. You normally only have to add fuel once a day, maybe twice on very cold days. But a log boiler never runs fully automatically.


Cheap and convenient


ETA has the ideal solution for anyone who wants to use the extremely inexpensive fuel wood and still enjoy fully automatic comfort whenever they want. The ETA TWIN consists of two fully functional boilers that complement each other perfectly. The ETA SH log boiler can be ordered with a flange to which a fully automatic pellet boiler can be easily connected - even years later without having to modify the heating system or the chimney connection.


Intelligent system


The two boilers of the ETA TWIN work perfectly together. If the log boiler runs out of fuel, it reports this. If no more fuel is added for a freely selectable period of time, the pellet boiler automatically takes over - until you add more fuel to the log boiler. This way, your home stays warm even if you are away for a longer period.


Two combustion chambers, one device


Automatic switching from one system to the other is only possible so easily because the TWIN consists of a full-fledged wood gasifier and a full-fledged pellet burner. Both devices are perfectly matched to their respective fuel: In the log boiler, a patented glow zone combustion chamber ensures a particularly thorough burnout. And with the help of a lambda probe, the boiler automatically adjusts the air supply to the current wood quality. This means it gets the best possible heat output from every type of wood. The lambda probe also detects the quality of the fuel in the pellet burner. In both devices, efficient systems ensure problem-free and partly automatic cleaning and ash removal. This is convenience with a money-saving bonus!


The path to warmth.



Two combustion chambers, one heat exchanger, one boiler: The ETA TWIN combines a high-class pellet burner with a top log boiler. In order for both parts to work highly efficiently, all components must work together perfectly. 

  • Powerful suction turbine
  • Storage container
  • Rotary valve as backfire protection device
  • Pellet combustion chamber
  • Rotating grate with cleaning comb
  • Transition flange in glow zone combustion chamber
  • Induced draught fan
  • Ash removal, cleaning and maintenance from the front
  • Insulated door with integrated touchscreen
  • Large filling door
  • Carbonization gas extraction
  • Large filling space
  • Temperature-resistant cast iron grates
  • Patented glow zone combustion chamber


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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ETA SH-P 20 to 60 kW with TWIN 20 to 50 kW

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