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Product Description:


The system separation module separates heating systems, for example an old facility from a new one.


The hydraulic modules: the right system for each case


No two heating systems are the same. Previously, various requirements such as the integration of solar systems, the combination of several buffers or the separation of heating circuits had to be planned in great detail. There were no ready-made solutions for the implementation, including control. Commissioning and especially the cabling was often very complex. ETA has therefore developed modules for various requirements that can be freely combined with one another and always work as a perfect system.


Whenever heating systems need to be separated from one another, the ETA system separation module is the right choice. For example, if one heating circuit is to keep the living area warm, but the other is to serve as frost protection, for example in stables and workshops, or to keep open spaces free of ice and snow. Old systems, such as aging underfloor heating systems that bring oxygen into the system, or stable heating systems that bind ammonia in the heating water, must also be safely separated from the rest of the heating system to prevent damage. The technology works in a similar way to solar systems: the transfer media, i.e. the heating water or antifreeze mixture, are carefully separated using a plate heat exchanger.

More efficient than conventional systems

The ETA system separation module works with a speed-controlled high-efficiency pump. The respective pump speed indicates the amount of water required. Unlike conventional systems controlled by valves, only as much water is taken from the buffer as is really needed. The ETA system is not only inexpensive to purchase, but also saves money day after day in operation!


Technical data.


Free residual delivery head module primary:

Underfloor heating 13 kW; 75/33 °C; 0.3 m³/h = 7.0 mWs
Radiator heating 40 kW; 75/50 °C; 1.4 m³/h = 3.0 mWs

Free residual head module secondary:

Underfloor heating 13 kW; 35/28 °C; 1.6 m³/h = 2.2 mWs
Radiator heating 40 kW; 65/45 °C; 1.7 m³/h = 1.5 mWs

Connection ball valves DN 20 (3/4”) internal

thread Plastic cover H=600 mm, W=400 mm, D=190 mm


Scope of delivery.



The module is delivered as a complete unit, pre-assembled on a mounting plate and includes:

Plate heat exchanger MicroPlate®:

Primary page:

  • Speed-controlled high-efficiency pump WILO Yonos Para RS 15/7, with check valve as gravity brake
  • Stainless steel piping with flat-sealing pipe fittings
  • Fast-reacting clip-on temperature sensor with stainless steel clip for flow temperature measurement

Secondary side:

  • High-efficiency pump WILO Yonos Para RS 15/6, adjustable for differential or constant pressure operation and venting function
  • Safety valve 3 bar and connection option for a diaphragm expansion vessel
  • Stainless steel piping with flat-sealing pipe fittings
  • Fast-reacting clip-on temperature sensor with stainless steel clip for flow temperature measurement

Control with Schuko plug:

Components inside the module are already pre-wired. The control system contains 4 freely available sensor inputs as well as preparation for an MBUS board for visualizing heat meters with a suitable interface.


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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ETA System Seperation Module

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