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Product Description:


The transfer module is in local and District heating networks used.


The hydraulic modules: the right system for each case

No two heating systems are the same. Previously, various requirements such as the integration of solar systems, the combination of several buffers or the separation of heating circuits had to be planned in great detail. There were no ready-made solutions for the implementation, including control. Commissioning and especially the cabling was often very complex. ETA has therefore developed modules for various requirements that can be freely combined with one another and always work as a perfect system.


The transfer module from ETA is the professional solution for private and commercial heating networks. It is not only suitable for new buildings, but also particularly good for the quick and cost-effective renovation of buildings without their own boilers.

The first heating circuit and the hot water charge are integrated into the module and work with just one highly efficient heating pump. The ETA module concept and the ETA touch control also enable any other solution, so that individual systems can be designed. Whether you want to replace your old oil boiler or are planning a solar house - everything is possible!


Quick installation:

The most important components for every local or district heating operator are already pre-installed and wired. This also guarantees smooth operation right from the start. Space for a heat meter for energy billing is of course already provided. This, as well as a piping set for more than one heating circuit, can be supplied by ETA on request. 


Scope of delivery.


The module is delivered as a complete unit, pre-assembled on a mounting plate and includes:

Plate heat exchanger MicroPlate®:

Primary page:

  • District heating flow control valve (kvs=2.5) with differential pressure compensation
  • Actuator with continuous control and active operating display for precise temperature control
  • Fitting for heat meter and its flow connection (ultrasonic heat meter available as accessory)
  • Stainless steel piping with flat-sealing pipe fittings
  • Mud flaps

Secondary side:

  • High-efficiency pump WILO Yonos Para RS 15/6, adjustable for differential or constant pressure operation and venting function with check valve as gravity brake
  • Changeover valve for loading the hot water tank, water quantity adjustable via circuit control valve
  • Safety valve 3 bar and connection option for a diaphragm expansion vessel
  • Defined connections for additional suction consumers (pipe set or connection set available as accessories)
  • Fast-reacting clip-on temperature sensor with stainless steel clip for flow temperature measurement
  • Stainless steel piping with flat-sealing pipe fittings


Control with Schuko plug:

Control for the integrated mixer circuit and the hot water storage tank charging or for the buffer charging is already integrated. For additional mixer circuits, either the mixer circuit module or a heating circuit extension is required

Components inside the module are already pre-wired. A touchscreen control unit with Ethernet interface is included in the scope of delivery. The control system contains 5 freely available sensor inputs and an MBUS board for visualizing heat meters with a suitable interface.


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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ETA Transfer Module

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