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Product Description:


Groundwater Heat Pump: The Best Choice for a Reason


Water is pure life, but also a heat source. Opting for the Heliotherm groundwater heat pump is a new experience of highest efficiency and impressive SCOP results. The water source heat pump makes a sustainable contribution to reducing operating costs for your home. In addition to its extraordinary performance, the Heliotherm water heat pump also surprises with built-in featured technology. This not only makes heating and cooling your single or multi-family home more cost-effective, but also more calculable. Giving you an advantage that should not be underestimated, especially in energy challenging times like these.


The Ideal Heat Pump, Also for Renovations


In view of the tested facts, a groundwater heat pump is the ideal solution. The heat pump needs little space in the garden, they are two drilled wells. The groundwater heat pump can be set up almost anywhere in the building. It is therefore also a first-class option for heating renovation or heating modernization. And can go about their work there calmly and reliably.


Here is an overview of the important features:


  • Exceptional economic heating and cooling due to a SCOP of 7.2 (7.2 kW heat output with 1 kW energy input)
  • Passive cooling/active cooling - optional
  • Heat outlet temperature of up to 65 °C possible
  • Integrated heat meter
  • Ideal for single and multi-family houses
  • Heating capacity: 10 kW, 16 kW, 25 kW


World Record Holder In Terms Of Efficiency


A world-record modulating groundwater heat pump, a natural wonder in itself. The Heliotherm modulation technology aligns the heat output in real time to the heating needs that currently exist in your four walls. By connecting the groundwater heat pump to your photovoltaic system, operational costs are reduced even more. The PV connectivity is quick and simple.


Groundwater Heat Pump: Spirec Version


The efficiency and technology further impresses in in performance in the Spirec model, reducing your heating costs regardless of the quality of your groundwater - No problem! The Heliotherm Spirec model has developed a solution where you can benefit from the many advantages of a groundwater heat pump. In combination with a spiral heat exchanger, it does a first-class job even with slightly lower groundwater quality.


Clear and important advantages at a glance:


  • SCOP 6.7 (6.7 kW heat output with 1 kW energy input)
  • Flow temperatures up to 65 °C possible
  • Highly efficient due to innovative modulation technology
  • Active cooling/passive cooling - optional
  • PV connection
  • Integrated heat meter


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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Ground Water Heat Pump

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