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Product Description:


Air Heat Pump In Split Design: Quietest Outdoor Air Evaporator & 360° Heating Comfort


We can agree that an optimum home living climate is an important basis for a high quality of life. A burning question is, how do you keep your newly built or renovated house warm in winter and cool in summer? How about considering the Heliotherm air heat pump in split design that is reliable, cost-efficient and significantly quiet? Our likeable duet of air heat pump and the quietest outdoor air evaporator scores on the market with numerous advantages.


Convincing In Every Respect:


In fact, the convincing 360° heating comfort of our compact air-split heat pump "Basic Comfort" results from a wide range of advantages. For example, it takes up little space in your home. A modest place in the basement or technical room and an accessible place outdoors is enough. In addition, this modulating air heat pump impresses with its cost-effectiveness and efficient operation at a SCOP level of 5.2, i.e. 5.2 kW heat output for only 1 kW power consumption.


In addition, you can expect many other standard features and advantages:


  • Ideal for new construction or renovations of single and multi-family homes
  • Can be installed in any building without a need for a permit
  • Quietest outdoor air evaporator on the market, can be mounted free-standing on the wall
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Attractive design
  • Active cooling - optional
  • Heating capacity: 8 kW, 12 kW, 20 kW


Stepless Modulation Technology - Air-Split Heat Pump


Our modulating Air heat pump in split design is also considered to be "invested savings" among the air heat pumps, since it continuously adapts to temperature and heating demand fluctuations. The Air Split heat pump is delivered with PV-ready connectivity commissioning with free solar power savings for heating. However, that's not all:


Outdoor Air Evaporator - Individual Design


The outdoor air evaporator in split design is not only the quietest on the market, but also the most attractive design and technology. The attractive design can adapt to your house or building’s design preference and the architecture. Creative technology: the outdoor air evaporator’s design can accentuate its surrounding giving you many years of pleasure, peace-of mind with high-quality materials and workmanship.


The quietest outdoor air evaporator - You don't need to hear efficiency!


Heliotherm heat pumps are built to order. Please allow 4/6 weeks for delivery of machine.


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


For More Information 'Contact Us'.

Heliotherm Air Source Split Heat Pump

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