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Product Description:


Brine Heat Pump: Free Heat with Probe or Surface Collector


Whether you own a large property or have a small garden: either way, this flexible brine heat pump heat pump "Made in Tyrol-Austria", it doesn't matter provides your detached or multi-family home with free heating in winter and optionally with cool temperatures in summer. Either in a space-saving installation by bore drilling or a brine probe, which makes the stored energy from the depths of the ground usable for you. A horizontal brine surface ground collector system laid in the garden that performs the same task. Each of the two systems are a prime choice that are highly efficient, very reliable thanks to the closed brine circuit. In addition, there are many other features and advantages in the brine heat pump.


The Brine Heat Pump with PV Connection:


You can speed up the amortization process if you connect the Heliotherm brine geothermal heat pump to a photovoltaic system and use the electricity you produce yourself. The PV preparation helps the connectivity quickly and easily. In short: calculate with a heat pump that will largely free you from the usual heating cost worries - to security of supply, climate friendliness and incalculable prices for many years to come.


  • Suitable for small properties
  • Heat outlet temperature of up to 65 °C possible
  • Space-saving and flexibility in surface collector installation
  • Brine probe and surface collector are not visible
  • Suitable for single and multi-family homes
  • Integrated heat meter
  • Optional active cooling and/or passive cooling
  • Heating capacity: 8 kW, 12 kW, 20 kW


Economy and Performance:


The impressive of SCOP 5.6, with an energy input of 1 kW you can achieve a heat output of up to 5.6 kW, the modulating brine heat pump achieves a level of efficiency that makes your investment pay off in the near future.


Heliotherm heat pumps are built to order. Please allow 4/6 weeks for delivery of machine.


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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Heliotherm Brine Basic Comfort

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