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Product Description:


Compact Air Heat Pump "Comfort Compact": In Calm Lies Efficiency!


You can hardly hear it, but like to see it: The surprisingly quiet, unusually compact and extremely stylish Comfort Compact Air heat pump. This heat pump is the perfect solution for heating and cooling single and multi-family homes. An absolute marvel of heating efficiency. The Comfort Compact continuously adapts to short-term fluctuations in temperature and heating demand.


The Air Source Heat Pump Feeling Freedom


Extraordinary, but fact: the Comfort Compact Air heat pump heats and cools your home in a climate-friendly and cost-effective system, remotely and conveniently using your smart device. Unlike conventional air heat pumps, it works without an internal unit. Look forward to a design object that was awarded the Red Dot Award and leaves it up to you how you want to use the free space in the basement or technical room.


In addition, your future air heat pump harmonizes perfectly with your budget for several reasons:


  • You benefit from the attractive price/performance and the quick and easy installation.


    With a SCOP of 5, your future air heat pump provides an annual average of 5 kW heat output with only 1 kW power consumption.

    Subsidies are available for this masterpiece of efficiency "Made in Austria."

    Thanks to the highly efficient defrosting process, you can heat economically even at the lowest temperatures.
  • The Comfort Compact is delivered “PV-ready”. That's why you can immediately connect your new Comfort Compact Air heat pump to your photovoltaic system and also save on heating costs.


Virtually Quiet, Safe and Reliable


Essential high-quality materials are standard in the Comfort Compact Air heat pump, you can always rely on this. Meeting high safety standards for installations even around a children’s playground. Still, the Comfort Compact can find a place of natural habitat in a small spot in the outdoor surrounding of your home. Quietly, it ensures comfortable and even temperatures within your four walls in a frugal, reliable and quiet in harmony with the sound decoupling technology design and special insulation.


Heliotherm heat pumps are built to order. Please allow 4/6 weeks for delivery of machine.


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


For More Information 'Contact Us'.

Heliotherm Comfort Compact

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