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Product Description:


Fresh Hot Water System: Hygienically Pure Hot Water "On Demand"


he Heliotherm fresh hot water system prepares and supplies you and your family with hygienically fresh hot water around the clock, always exactly when you need it. The system is connected to the heating buffer tank of your Heliotherm heat pump and works like an instantaneous water heater. Its special layered storage tank in conjunction with a stainless steel plate heat exchanger, the system heats the flowing fresh water using your highly efficient heat pump.


Crystal clear with certainty:


By turning on the tap in your kitchen or bathroom, you will notice the cold tap water flowing through the fresh water system. It heats up the water in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the high-quality storage tank insulation, the Heliotherm fresh hot water system is a technological and safe.


Fresh Hot Water System - The maintenance-free hot water preparation works without electric auxiliary heating.


Marked Advantages at a Glance:


  • Prevents legionella contamination or growth in the water system.
  • Less energy consumption is required since there is no need for constant heating the water storage tank and the fresh water system is optimally matched to the Heliotherm heat pump’s performance to the recommended 48 °C (recommended temp.), also no lime residue is left in the water.
  • Maintenance-free hot water preparation without additional electrical heating (e.g. heating element).
  • Long service life and high operational reliability thanks to high-quality components.
  • Storage tank capacity: 300, 500, 850 and 1500 liter.




Look forward to fresh and healthy domestic hot water from a compact fresh water system with a high tapping capacity. It is hygienic, quick and easy to install. The system reduces energy costs in perfect coordination with your Heliotherm heat pump.


Heliotherm heat pumps are built to order. Please allow 4/6 weeks for delivery of machine.


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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Heliotherm Fresh Hot Water System

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