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Product Description:


Brine Heat Pump Cube: The Dice Are Cast When It Comes To Heating


Rarely are heating decisions made as clear as with the Heliotherm Cube brine heat pump. If you value powerful heating and cooling performance, maximum energy efficiency and minimal space requirements, you simply can't get past the Cube. The high-tech Cube "Made in Tirol-Austria" also impresses with many other technical refinements. Such as, the standard fully modulating technology. This means that-- no sudden warmth loss felt in the room, it automatically adjusts its heating and cooling capacity to the current needs of your building in real time. Practical and healthy: In combination with the Heliotherm fresh water system, the Cube brine heat pump prepares your hot water supply cost-effectively and hygienically.


The Brine Heat Pump with Many Integrated Advantages:


The Cube brine heat pump is a fully equipped high-tech product in your home, in which a number of technical refinements are integrated as a standard features. In addition to full modulation, it features passive cooling and a quick and easy connectivity to your photovoltaic system. Which means, you produce your own electricity for your brine heat pump and save money as well. A stunning SCOP value of up to 6.1, sets the Cube as an efficiency miracle. In fact, it provides you with a heat output of 6.1 kW with only 1 kW power consumption.


Take a look from all sides at the Cube’s most important advantages:


  • SCOP up to 6.1
  • Fully modulating technology for minimal operating costs
  • Passive cooling integrated as standard
  • Minimal space requirement due to compact design
  • Particularly quiet operation due to the noise-optimized case design
  • Integrated PV connection
  • Heating capacity: 7 kW, 10 kW, 14 kW


Quiet and Remote Controlled:


The Cube brine heat pump is a real powerhouse, it performs discreetly and quietly. The sound-optimized design ensures an undisturbed feel-good climate that you can control from anywhere, using the integrated WebControlAT user interface. Briefly: the Heliotherm makes it possible, to an exceptional efficient brine heat pump where you always roll the full number of points.


Heliotherm heat pumps are built to order. Please allow 4/6 weeks for delivery of machine.


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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Heliotherm Heat Pump Cube

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