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Product Description:


Real-Time Control for Heating, Hot Water Supply and Photovoltaics


Setting and enjoying any time warm temperatures for heating, cooling and hot water supply to your preferred comfort is a wonderful image. The system control enables you to lower the temperature values at an even more energy-saving level. For any errors during your absence you will be notified by SMS or email.


Intuitive Multi-Touch Control:


The Heliotherm WebControlAT enables you to control the heat pump system in real time.
Live values and long-term data can be called up from any end device with any browser, regardless of location.


One Controller, All Functions


Heating, cooling and hot water temperatures can be set and monitored with ease with the Heliotherm multi-touch control. The control also gives you an overview of your photovoltaic system and how it is being used, if it is part of your heating system.


Our System Control Scores With:


  • Full overview control over your heat pump system
  • Browser based
  • No APP, no software download necessary
  • Modbus, KNX, PV-Synchro, DI, Smart Grid capable
  • Highest security standard through VPN encryption
  • Data security through local storage


Types of Connection:


The connection is by using the wcat-router which creates the most secure connection the your heat pump and the webcontrolAT; the connection is decoupled from the home network with a separate SIM card via a VPN tunnel and //https. ensures maximum security.


W-LAN is already provided or active in most households. The connection between the heat pump and the webcontrolAT can be established in a home network. The responsibility for quality, stability and security of this connection lies entirely with network provider.


The heat pump and the webcontrolAT can also be connected directly to each-other via a network cable. This connection is intended in case of a wireless network failure. The heat pump and all system components can be controlled locally without any restrictions.


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Heliotherm Remote Access Control

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