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Product Description:


Solid Air-Compact Large Heat Pump: Minimum Costs for Maximum Performance!


The Heliotherm Solid Air-Compact Large heat pump has proven to be the ideal solution to the challenges faced in our time in hotels, commercial and large residential buildings. Foremost, rising energy prices and many other uncertainties surrounding the exit from fossil fuels. Specifically, you are investing in the best possible supply; and in mathematical predictable terms and high efficiency heating. Trendsetting a good mindful heating reputation as someone who takes responsibility and makes a significant contribution to the protection of our climate. Some immediate advantages of the Solid Air Compact Large heat pump are: outdoor installation, energy saving operating costs, quiet optimized acoustic case design, high-end home living comfort, heat output and owning a reliable name-brand product.


How can a commercial size heat pump be so quiet?


How can the Solid Air Compact heat pump be the ideal option for renovating hotels, and commercial buildings, etc.? The excellent heat output temperature performance is defined up to 62 °C, which can be combined with an existing heat distribution system. Once the system is set up outdoors it works simple and reliable. Frugal and thanks the optimized acoustic case design, it runs quieter than any other large air heat pump.


Point advantages at a glance:


  • Ideal solution heat pump for spacious residential buildings, hotels and commercial buildings.
  • Efficiency at a SCOP = 5.2 level, meaning the Solid Air Compact Large heat pump with a 5.2 kW heat output of only 1 kW of power consumption.
  • 30 kW heating element available - optional
  • Active cooling - optional
  • RCG-X series remote maintenance included
  • Integral building control through integrated KNX connection
  • Innovative design and customizable interface - e.g. in your corporate design
  • Heating capacity: 30 kW, 40 kW, 55 kW


Highly efficient, PV-ready and of high quality


The Solid Air Compact heat pump redefines efficiency in heating and cooling in a hotels, spacious residential buildings and commercial buildings. Due to the sophisticated modulation technology, it automatically adjusts its output power to the current heat requirement. The Solid Air Compact heat pump is delivered PV-ready, it can be connected immediately to a photovoltaic system, enhancing energy saving heating costs. But that's not all: the high-quality materials and their high workmanship quality, benefit throughout the years, in an efficient high performance outdoor installation.


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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Industrial Air Compact Heat Pump

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