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Product Description:


Solid Air Split Large Heat Pump: Big Heating Jobs for Amazing Buildings


The "Solid" Air Split Large heat pump has come a long way, and the technology has significantly improved in performance for hotels, residential buildings and commercial buildings. The winds of change at Heliotherm have set new standards producing a higher performing efficient "Solid" Air Split heat pump with a reliable heat output range, encased in attractive very quiet optimized acoustic case design. Investing today in a heating solution that is "Made in Tyrol" taking on large tasks in a smaller spaces. Thanks to the fully modulation technology the heat pump optimally adapts to every heating and cooling demand promptly and easily. The heat outlet temperature is defined up to a maximum of 62 °C.


The Air Split Large heat pump has the quietest external evaporator unit


Its name speaks for itself- the Silent Source outdoor evaporator already reveals its greatest advantages. Using the ambient air, it draws maximum energy from a free and inexhaustible source available to you. In other words: the Solid Air Split is probably the quietest large heat pump, thanks the optimized acoustic case design, it runs quieter than any other large air heat pump. Due to its small footprint and its customizable appearance, the outdoor air evaporator cuts a fine figure everywhere, for example in the hotel garden or residential complexes, show-case your company’s building doorstep in your customized "corporate design".


Point advantages and features at a glance:


  • Quiet and low-vibration operation thanks to noise- optimized acoustic case design
  • 30 kW heating element available - optional

  • Active cooling - optional

  • Efficiency at a SCOP = 5.2 level, meaning the Solid Air Compact Large heat pump with a 5.2 kW heat output of only 1 kW of power consumption.

  • RCG-X series remote maintenance included

  • Integral building control through integrated KNX connection

  • Heating performance: 30 kW, 40 kW, 55 kW


PV-ready and high-quality processing


The "Solid" Air Split heat pump is delivered PV-ready, it can be connected immediately to a photovoltaic system, enhancing energy saving heating costs. But that's not all, through the high-quality materials and adept workmanship, where hotel operators, tenants, house communities and companies benefit year after year from the highly efficient intelligent "Solid" large split design heat pump.


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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Industrial Air Split Heat Pump

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