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Product Description:


Large Water Heat Pump Solid: Bathe In More!


The Heliotherm Solid large water heat pump is a first-class heating solution for spacious residential buildings, hotels and commercial buildings, which surely offers you more. For example, more efficiency through the optimum use of groundwater and a SCOP of 8.3, that provides you with 8.3 kW of heat output per 1 kW of electricity. Look forward to more peace and quiet thanks to the noise-optimized acoustic case design. Count on a longer operating life and reliability due to the high-quality materials and adept workmanship that are standard in every Solid large water heat pump. Furthermore, advanced integral technology to benefiting you.


Ready to combine with existing building technology


The Solid large water heat pump has been designed so that it can be easily connected to your building services or to a wide variety of buffer storage units and heat emission systems. You can connect this exceptional highly efficient heat pump with other heat pump units. Naturally, the connectivity is extended to a photovoltaic system, enhancing energy saving heating costs. The Solid is delivered PV-ready, meaning you can start upon commissioning with free solar power savings for heating and cooling. Speaking of cooling: certainly, our Solid large water heat pump also cools your home’s space to a comfortable climate - an optimum feel-good temperature in summer. Both active and passive cooling.


In addition, you can expect further advantages. For example:


  • Wide output range from 40 to 120 kW for optimal energy supply in your building with increased heat requirements
  • Highest SCOP even in part-load operation due to high part-load efficiencies
  • RCG-X series maintenance included
  • Integral building control through integrated KNX connection
  • A step higher in efficiency with innovative modulation technology
  • Accessible connection area for easier revision work


The Solid large heat pump for your good reputation


The Heliotherm Solid large water heat pump is a first-class choice for new spacious buildings, residential buildings, hotels and commercial buildings. The same applies to high-quality renovations. Here, every benefit counts. A reliable aesthetic heat pump in efficient output supply and a good name-brand image for your hotel guests or customers. The distinguished Solid large heat pump reflects a collective and you as a responsible person who makes an important contribution to our climate protection each day.


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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