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Residential Heat Recovery Unit


These Units are designed to be used in houses to supply fresh air to the indoors and exhaust stale air to outdoors. The energy of exhausted air is transferred to the fresh air by the counter-flow type plastic heat recovery exchanger, thus improves energy saving. Heat recovery exchanger recovers up to 95% of the energy according to the climate conditions. As a result, the unit reduces the capacity of the equipment used for indoor conditioning. 


  • Brings in fresh air from outside and improves indoor air quality. 
  • Exhausts stale, humid indoor air. 
  • Conditions fresh air by using the energy of exhaust air. 
  • Filters fresh air 
  • Enables free-cooling in transition seasons due to by-pass ventilation module. 
  • Boost function is used when large amounts of exhaust and fresh air are required in a short period of time. (at the time of using bathroom/wc, etc.)

Energy Savings

  • Reduces up to 95% of the energy required to condition fresh air to ambient temperature. 
  • Thanks to high efficiency plug fans, reduces power consumption. 
  • The unit has 13W energy consumption under normal operating conditions.
  • Reduces CO2 emission as the result of energy saving, and prevents environmental pollution. 
  • Reduces initial investment cost and operational costs of air conditioning systems as a result of energy recovery of exhausted air. 


  • By virtue of the counter-flow type plastic heat recovery exchanger, provides thermal efficiency up to 95 %. 
  • Easy application as a result of the compact design. 
  • Easy maintenance. 
  • CE Certified. 
  • User friendly control system. 
  • Low Noise. 


VAT Calculated At Checkout


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