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Product Description:


The ETA transfer stations are available in 5 performance sizes. These compact heat transfer stations are used for direct connection to district and local heating systems for indirect operation.


All the most important components for a district heating operator are already pre-installed and wired. The welded design also simplifies the connection to a district heating network. The connection to the building system can also be made easily and individually. The ETA control is already integrated and can optionally be expanded as required.

The ready-to-connect and forward-looking design enables smooth operation right from the start, as well as the option of energy billing using an integrated heat meter. 


Scope of delivery.



The stations are delivered as a complete unit, pre-assembled on a mounting plate and include: 

Plate heat exchanger MicroPlate®:

Primary page:

  • District heating flow control valve with differential pressure compensation
  • Actuator 230V 3-point
  • Immersion sensor in the medium for return temperature limitation
  • Fitting for heat meter (ultrasonic heat meter optional)
  • Sensor connections for heat meters
  • Mud flaps
  • High pressure drain, G3/4“ hose connection
  • High pressure vent G1/4“

Secondary side:

  • Safety valve 3 bar
  • Connection expansion Rp ¾“
  • Immersion sensor for flow temperature measurement
  • Mud flaps
  • Drain, G3/4“ hose connection

Control with Schuko plug:


The T2-W control is already integrated and enables the control of a mixer circuit, four additional pumps and the integrated district heating valve (230 V, 3 point).


The components inside the module are already pre-wired. The control system contains 14 freely available sensor inputs.


The transfer station available in 5 power sizes.


The hydraulic modules: the right system for each case

No two heating systems are the same. Previously, various requirements such as the integration of solar systems, the combination of several buffers or the separation of heating circuits had to be planned in great detail. There were no ready-made solutions for the implementation, including control. Commissioning and especially the cabling was often very complex. ETA has therefore developed modules for various requirements that can be freely combined with one another and always work as a perfect system.


Shipping costs determined by location. 


€Price On Application Ex VAT


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Transfer station ETA UGS

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